Explore The Widest Vietnamese Menu Victoria Only at Lepho

For every lover of Vietnamese food, a wide list of choices and authentic tastes is a difficult combination to find, when you are out of Vietnam. But what if we were to tell you that there is a place that not just offers a great variety on the menu, but also ensures an equally delightful taste for each and every item, right here in Victoria?

Yes, you have heard it quite right! At the Lepho Vietnamese café, we bring you the authentic tastes of Vietnam in every platter that we serve so that our guests may take back with them the memory of their best Vietnamese meal experience.

Select from a wide range of choices

As earlier mentioned, our Vietnamese menu gives you a very wide choice which even includes the snacking options that are typically associated with the extremely popular Vietnamese street food.

Apart from this we have our very special typical Vietnamese broth, which is cooked for over ten hours. We highly recommend all our guests to try it out, as it is sure to delight both your tongue as well as your tummy.

Expert chefs

For our chefs, food is not merely a business, it translates as pure passion and this becomes evident in each and every platter that is served by them. Keeping the authentic tastes, each of the items have been given a fresh new spin so that you keep coming back to enjoy the unmatched taste.

With the age of social media, it has become equally important to ensure that the food we serve doesn’t just taste good but also looks equally good. For this you may trust on the presentation skills of our expert chefs whose only commitment is to please you.

Hygiene first

Our restaurant is a firm believer of the fact that when it comes to food, quality and hygiene are the first priority. For this, all of our dishes are prepared and served instantly so that the nutritional value in them remains intact. Further, we also look into it that our meats and vegetables are sourced from dealers who give the highest quality. Finally, we also conduct regular cleaning and pest control to ensure that our kitchens are totally disease free.

Don’t wait any further! Here’s your call to step into Lepho today to enjoy the best of Vietnamese food!


Please inform server of any food allergies. We can accomodate for special requests.


FREE DELIVERY after 5pm within 5KM radius


gf : Gluten Free, v : Vegan